The name Adam has two meanings. It can mean “earth”, like the Hebrew word adamah, reflecting the fact that Adam was made from earth. But it can also mean “similar”,  like the Hebrew word adameh, reflecting the reality that Adam was intended to be similar to God. Adam’s God-given mission was to take the material earth and turn it into something spiritual and God-like. God would start the process, but Adam would have to finish it.

Human beings are created unfinished, so to speak. A more accurate term might be “human becomings” because we are constantly becoming a newer version of ourselves. As physical beings, we are bound to make mistakes, but we also have the ability to rise above our physical nature and become ever more similar to God.

Like any great masterpiece, we are works in progress that will take time and effort to finish. But with patience and persistence, we can accomplish a little more every single day. With the help of God, we can change and grow until we are the creation that God always intended us to be.

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