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Prophecy breaks off what was.
It breaks off peoples agreement with past experiences.

Prophetic words contain life — they don’t need to be spectacular!
Prophecy is encouragement — under the Holy Spirit.

You could say - we prophecy all the time. However, it depends upon which spirit we’re prophesying from!

It’s as we so often say; we’re calling out the Gold that is within. Seeing someone’s potential and calling it out — giving encouraging words — words that build up — that edify. It speaks of people’s destiny so we see people as they will be — not as they are. 

Let me quote Paul on Prophecy (1 Corinthians 14:3, NIV) ... everyone who prophesies speaks to men for their strengthening, encouragement and comfort — ({NKJV} edification, exhortation and comfort). It’s about helping others grow in the Lord.

So one of the principle roles of the prophetic is calling things that are not as though they are. God is raising up Ezekiels. For example saying; “Why don’t you laugh with me or dance with me or have fun with me?” sounds negative. It sounds accusatory — but it could be turned around to say “Come laugh with me. Come dance with me. Come have fun with me.”

This is not changing things! If we sense something negative, that word can only be personally for us — so we can discern how to turn that to a positive. It’s not denying the image or sensing that was received, but it is using our prophetic gifting to build up.

For example - picture of a leader with someone behind them with a knife raised. You might sense ‘back stabbing’ so turning that round would be — you have this persons back.

Many communicate God's word, yet miscommunicate His heart!

God does not want to destroy people through the gift of prophecy — He desires to build them up. As Paul wrote in his first letter to the church in Corinth; love builds up (see 1 Corinthians 8:1). As we minister prophetically in love, people will be built up, not destroyed.

Some people over complicate it. We are simply to be encouragers. Those who believe life is in the power of the tongue often prophecy without knowing it. Galatians 4:8 says we become known by God — we become those who open up life to others.

Simple Check List

  • 1
    Is it Biblical - or rather does it counter what we read in Scripture?
  • 2
    Is it the heart of God?
  • 3
    Does it resonate with the receiver?
  • 4
    Are there any negative words?

Nothing negative or correctional is ever to be given in public — any such words can only to be received in a private counseling session. We have the ministry of reconciliation — not of judging.

Prophecy needs to be relational like the Father to His Son, rooted in love. Communion (bread and wine — reminds us upon which side of the cross we live). We need to cultivate operating out of anointing — not just after 30 minutes of worship. God will reveal things to you in various ways, whether it’s a picture, a Scripture, or you sense something — or you perhaps audibly hear — there are so many ways.

In Order to Grow we Must:

  • Dwell in His Presence
  • Devotion, worship, meditation.
  • Focus on God's Purposes
  • Surely the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing His plan to His servants the prophets (see Amos 3:7).
  • Ask God continually
  • He desires to give us the Kingdom — (see Luke 12:32) Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the Kingdom. He loves it when we’re eager and hungry to help others
  • Grow in love toward others
  • Spiritual gifts are given so we can effectively minister God’s grace to others.
  • Do a 'body check'
  • When you’re talking to someone check out what impressions may be in your spirit, soul or body in so doing we become more sensitive to God.
  • Become a lover of God's written word
  • The Bible is our most sure Word of prophecy. If we feed our soul on it, we’ll begin to grow in our sensitivity to His spoken word as well.
Intimacy with our Heavenly Father is key

Word, Wonder, Worship, World:

  • 1
    WORD - read Scripture, preferably out loud, until a passage resonates with your spirit.
  • 2
    WONDER - re-read the passage slowly considering it's meaning until a word or phrase becomes significant. 
  • 3
    WORSHIP - dialogue with God as you explore this word or phrase. Let Him reveal its relevance. It may be just for you. It could be for others!
  • 4
    WORLD - allow God's Spirit to lead you into action. What's the one thing that has spoken to you that you need to act upon.


Let me conclude with one final example. What does a serpent represent? Evil, satan or deception? These could all be valid interpretations as there is good biblical precedent. However, think on this. A serpent could represent Jesus or healing. The brazen serpent on a pole in the wilderness was a type and shadow of Jesus being lifted high (see John 3:14-15, 1 Corinthians 14:3, NIV). Also the serpent intertwined around a staff is also the contemporary symbol of the medical profession which can speak prophetically about healing.

If there is a symbol that can represent either satan or Jesus, we had better be listening to God and not just depending on a system for interpretation, or our own brilliant understanding of the word. We are not dependent on the words of men. We serve the living God who speaks living words to us. Intimacy with our Heavenly Father is key.