Treasure Hunting

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What is a Treasure Hunt

When a group (although one person could do this alone) gets together and asks God to give them prophetic clues that will lead them to a person needing ministry. This ministry could include prophetic ministry or some kind of healing, physical or emotional. It’s a way of demonstrating the Kingdom of God and showing His love to His treasures out on the streets (Matthew 22:8-10).

Why Treasure Hunt?

  • 1
    To see lives transformed through experiencing God’s love and grace.
  • 2
    To see people experience Jesus Christ as their Deliverer, Healer and Saviour.
  • 3
    To equip, empower and activate people to live naturally supernatural.
  • 4
    To empower people to realise and live out their potential and destiny in Jesus.

The Treasure Map/List

Ask the Holy Spirit for prophetic words; these provide clues for the divine appointments where the Treasure is waiting to be found:

  • Location (specific shop, at a junction, by a clock)
  • Person’s Name
  • Person’s Appearance (colour and style of clothing, hair etc.)
  • check
    Person’s Condition (knee injury, marriage, elbow injury, etc.)
  • check
    The unusual (anything that doesn’t fit into the above, {lollipop, windmill, Eiffel Tower, lime-green front door})

Write down whatever you sense the Lord gives you so you can show the individual(s) and they can identify themselves from your list!

The Treasure Hunt

  • In groups of preferably 2 and no more than 3 or 4
  • Compare the words of prophecy you each received and make your Treasure Map (each individual keeps and works from their own list – don’t combine the lists on a separate sheet).
  • Choose a starting location
  • Compare other clues on the way to the location and start looking for your treasure.
  • When you find someone on your Treasure Map
  • Approach the person, saying something like: Hi, this may seem a little odd, but we’re on a treasure hunt and we think that you’re on our list
    — Show them your list.
    — Build rapport.
    — Let them know that God has highlighted them, and wants to bless them.
    — Pay attention for things that you can help them with, and ask if you can pray for them.
  • If they say No
  • Don’t back off immediately BUT gently try and build further rapport.
    — Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you what He wants to highlight in the person.
    — Give them some encouraging words (prophecy) without being religious!
  • Ask again if you can pray for them
  • If they say No – bless them and move on to find the next treasure.
    If they say Yes (especially for healing);
    — Ask for the presence of God to come,
    — Command the pain to leave, if they need healing,
    — Speak to the condition directly and tell it to go.
    — If it’s possible, ask them to test it out; Do something you couldn’t do before we prayed
    — Continue praying if necessary.
  • When they’re healed, or you’ve blessed them through prophetic words
  • — Explain what just happened (the kindness of God revealed, He knows them, cares for them etc.)
    — Ask them if they would like to know Jesus personally (have a relationship with Him)
    — Help them to ask Jesus into their life.
  • Go and find the next divine appointment on your Treasure Map