Ruach ha-Kodesh (The Holy Spirit)

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Session 7

The Ruach ha-Kodesh - the third person of the Godhead

God is described as three persons in one and one person in three.

This is difficult for our finite minds to understand and when we try to explain this concept we get into difficulty because whatever explanation we give, falls way short.

We can describe this as being like:

A 99 Ice Cream; with a cone, ice cream and chocolate flake.

The roles of a person, for example you could be; a daughter (son), wife (husband) and mother (father).

H20 can be; ice, water or steam.

All the explanations are inadequate descriptions. If we were able to explain it simply, then we would be making our God too small, effectively creating Him in our image!

Session 7 Keynote

Involved in Creation

The Ruach Elohim (the Spirit/breath of God) was involved in Creation — Genesis 1:2 and God gave certain Hebrew people His Spirit for specific work hundreds of years before Jesus birth.
Exodus 31:1-5Judges 6:14-16 and especially verse 34.

Promised to all

But The Ruach ha-Kodesh (The Holy Spirit) was promised by Father God to all people who believe.
Joel 2:28-29Ezekiel 36:26-27

He was instrumental In Yeshua’s birth and His immersion.
Luke 1:35Luke 3:22 and Luke 4:1

When we ask Yeshua into our lives He comes to live in us by His Spirit.
John 14:16-17 & John 14:20

However, God has given us even greater provision because He wants us to become like His Son Yeshua. To do this we need the power that raised Jesus from the dead, Ephesians 1:18-20.

This power we talk about came through the Holy Spirit being poured out at Pentecost on all who truly believe.

God knew that we would need to be refilled continually and we see evidence of this in Acts 4:29-31. Paul wrote that the Church in Ephesus should go on being filled with The Spirit (Ephesians 5:18) and that’s still true for all who believe today.

Yeshua considered us worthy enough to die for!

All of us have the Ruach ha-Kodesh living in us if we have asked Yeshua into our lives, but how much of Him depends on how much we are prepared to allow Him to fill us.

A gas light burns brightly if gas is full on but reduces as gas flow is reduced.

God wants us to burn brightly with His Spirit because He loves us so much and because we glorify Him when His gifts and fruit (Galatians 5:22-231 Corinthians 12:7-11) are clearly seen demonstrated through us.

A sponge put in water gets a little wet. Put in again it gets more wet. eventually it is soaked and drips.God’s deep desire is to fill each one of us to overflowing with His Spirit. He considers each one of us worthy to receive Him whether we consider ourselves worthy or not. Jesus considered us worthy enough to die for!

God knows our potential

Ephesians 1:11-12 God knows our potential and wants to develop this in us. But we need to co-operate with Him. He sees what we will be. He doesn’t look at our past. He is more concerned with our future and wants us to reach our destiny, co-labouring with Him.

We need to trust His judgement of us and let go of ourselves and let Him give us the good gifts that He so wants us to have.

Those who have abandoned their lives to God are filled with joy and a sense of adventure because He will take us to people and places we never dreamed of.


Thank You for forgiving my sins through Messiah's death on the Cross for me.

I surrender my life to You, Lord Yeshua.

By faith I invite You to fill me now with Your Ruach ha-Kodesh.

Thank You for Your presence in me. Amen!

What happens now?

  • 1
    You will begin to experience a greater love for God and people.
  • 2
    You will want to spend time with Him, discovering more through the Bible and Prayer.
  • 3
    You will have a desire to trust God and follow His leading.
  • 4
    You will enjoy the company of believers as well as non-believers.
  • 5
    You will have a desire to share your love for Messiah with others.