The Resurrection

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Session 4

We now know why Jesus had to die and there are several occasions recorded in Scripture where Jesus spoke of His having to die and even how He would die: Matthew 16:21; John 12:27; Luke 18:31-33.

Session 4 Keynote

It's accepted as historical fact that Jesus died on the Cross, but the stumbling block comeswhen we think of His resurrection.So let’s look at the evidence:

His Tomb was Empty

Luke 24:1-3; John 20:1-10Both passages describe what the group of women found.Each has details that suggest eye witness accounts.

What are the alternatives?

​Did the women go to the wrong tomb?
Matthew 27:61; Mark 15:47; Luke 23:55

Was the Body stolen?

​By the Disciples, the Authorities, grave Robbers?

Why was this unlikely?

Matthew 27:62-66; Matthew 28:11-15

What were the guards told to do?

John 19:31-34

Was Jesus really dead — had He simply recovered?

Mark 15:42-47
What did the soldiers do to make sure that He was dead? (John 19:34)

Jesus met His Disciples after He had Risen

Luke 24

Who are the people Jesus met?

1 Corinthians 15:3-8

Jesus' Disciples were Changed:


Luke 22:54-62; Luke 24:13-21; John 20:19-25

What were the disciples like before they knew Jesus was alive?


Luke 24:25-35; John 20:26-29; Acts 2; Acts 4

What were the disciples like after they knew Jesus was alive?

Jesus' Resurrection confirms His claims:

Luke 9:21-22; Luke 18:31-34; John 2:18-22

What claims does Jesus make about Himself in these passages?

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