What did Yeshua (Jesus) do?

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Session 2

Famous Faces

Can you name all these famous people?

We have far more publicity now than at any other time in history, so we have less excuse in remembering famous people, yet we forget them after a number of years when they have gone into obscurity.

What does this say about Yeshua?

Yeshua lived on earth over 2000 years ago in Israel, a small country about the same size as Wales, when the only means of communication was word of mouth and very expensive scrolls for only the most important of information. Yet He is still remembered.

Session 2 Keynote

Yeshua Heals and Calms the Storm

  • What kind of character is Yeshua?
  • What was the people's reaction to Yeshua?
  • Why?

It is important to realise that our mental picture concerning the personality of Yeshua will dramatically affect our own personality.

Yeshua was full of Joy

See Luke 10:21 and John 15:11

The Church through the centuries has done Yeshua a great disservice in making Him out to be severe, serious and full of “don’ts”. But Yeshua was someone who was invited to parties and even turned many gallons of water into the best wine. He was followed by 1000’s of people who hung on His every word.

Out of Yeshua’s compassion, He healed many people. How did He do this?

It wasn’t because He is God! When He came to earth to live among us He chose to put aside His divinity and become fully man.

How could He expect us to become like Him if it was unobtainable? When you teach say, Physical Education, it’s best to show the youngsters that you don’t expect them to do anything you’re not prepared to do yourself. Jesus demonstrated that human beings could do all that He did with the help of the Ruach ha-Kodesh (The Holy Spirit) Yeshua only did what He saw His Father doing which is recorded in John 5:19.

How did He know what the Father was doing?

The Gospels tell us that He frequently went off alone to pray. He spent a lot of time with His Father. This was so important to Him that, even though He was exceptionally busy during the day and He never had a moment to himself on many occasions, He would slip away to pray. Read: Mark 1:35Luke 6:12.

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Spending time with His Father was utterly important to Him - how else would He know what His Father was doing?

It is recorded in John 14:12 that Yeshua said anyone who has faith in Him will do what He had been doing and do even greater things than He was doing! This promise is for us too if we truly follow Yeshua.

Learning to do what He did happens when we are in constant communion with Him as we Walk with Him, work with Him and learn from Him. I have been struck by those who have powerful ministries today in both preaching and in miraculous healings, at how much time they spend in prayer. Angus Buchan, for instance spends at least 4 hours every day, getting up early to be alone with His Heavenly Father.

When we get serious with God — putting Him first as Yeshua did, being of the utmost importance in Matthew 22:37-38 and Mark 12:31, then we will see Him working miraculously in and through us.

What it really comes down to is how much do we really trust Jesus. It’s not that we say we trust Him, it’s how we demonstrate it by how we prioritise our prayer time and act on the Spirit’s promptings.God gave us both a thirst to know Him and we were at everything our Church did so we could learn more and come closer to Jesus.We were very busy people as full time secondary school teachers with 2 children under 10 but Jesus was so important to us that we made time for Him. It was, and still is, a delight to spend time in His presence.

Our holidays were spent at New Wine and Spring Harvest and year after year we took our boys and their friends to children’s and youth camps, hiring mini buses to get them there. Many years later we took holidays in California so we could go to Bethel Church as we continued to seek after the Kingdom of God.

If you want the things of God, ask for this thirst and choose to act on it. The enemy will try to tell you that it’s not practical for you, but if you truly want to be like Yeshua He will show you a way where there seems to be no way. As was said earlier, we would never ask anyone to do what we had not done. Both our sons are in church leadership.

Yeshua’s Power and Wisdom

  • 1
    What would you say causes us to remember Yeshua, given the obscure place from which He came and the length of time since He lived on earth?
  • 2
    How was Yeshua able to perform miracles and speak with such wisdom if He had chosen to lay aside His divinity?
  • 3
    Read John 14:12 — How obtainable do you feel it is for you to do the things that Yeshua did?
  • 4
    Is your daily routine really immoveable?
  • 5
    How is your prayer life?
  • 6
    What stops you from deepening your relationship with Yeshua?