Who is Yeshua (Jesus)?

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Did Yeshua (Jesus) really Exist?

We find some evidence in Scripture but people other than those mentioned or who wrote the Scriptures wrote about Yeshua (Jesus), such as Roman historians Tacitus and Suetonias and the Jewish historian, Josephus.

Can we trust the Bible?

How do we know that Scripture is true and hasn’t been changed? For example (and there are many other examples):

  • Caesar’s Gallic Wars were recorded in 58-50BC. Copies were made by scribes but only 9 copies from that time period are still in existence.
  • Livy’s Roman History was written in 59BC-AD17 and 20 copies exist today.


Old Testament Overview, The Tanak – created by The Bible Project

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New Testament Overview – created by The Bible project

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Dead Sea Scrolls

We also have the Dead Sea Scrolls which are copies of the Old Testament written by the Hebrew believers around 200BC and have prophecies in them which only Jesus fulfilled.These scrolls prove that the Jewish Scriptures carried down through the generations are true.

Session 1 Keynote

No one doubts the existence of Yeshua. There is too much evidence to show that He did really live. Too many people saw and heard His miracles and teachings for it to be denied. It is fully accepted that His teaching and wisdom surpasses all others. Even Muslims accept Yeshua as The Prophet and their Koran says that He will return at the end of time!

He came as a Human Being:

John 4:6 — Tired, Matthew 4:2 — Hungry.

He had Human Emotions:

Mark 3:5: Anger and Distress; Mark 10:21: Love; John 11:33-35: Sadness; Luke 10:21 and John 15:11: Joy.

He had Human Experiences:

Mark 1:13: Temptation; Luke 2:46-52: Learning; Mark 6:3: Work; Luke 2:51: Obedience.

Was Yeshua more than just a Religious Teacher?

Matthew 16:13-17: Messiah; Mark 2:5: Forgave Sins; Matthew 25:31: Son of Man; Mark 14:61-62; John 8:58: I am.


  • 1When He came to earth to live among us He chose to put aside His divinity and become fully man.
  • 2When He was immersed, the Ruach ha-Kodesh (The Holy Spirit) came upon Him in power and it is through this power that He was able to do what He did.
  • 3Yeshua gave us the opportunity to receive this same Ruach ha-Kodesh so that we can partner with Him in doing what He did.

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Who, What, Why, Resurrection, Understanding, Following, Spirit