Heavy Rain (re-titled: How Heaven Invades Earth)

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Heavy Rain (re-titled: How Heaven Invades Earth)

How You can Transform the World around You

We owe the world an encounter with God. In the midst of the darkest season in human history, Jesus Christ had the audacity to teach us a prayer so powerful that it defies human reason.

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About the Book
It would be forever remembered as “The Lord’s Prayer.” Jesus turned to his tattered brigade of spiritual warriors and said, “Pray that My Father’s Kingdom would come and His will be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven.”
  • Was this prayer a sort of wish upon a star, intended to be prayed by billions, but only to be experienced by a few in some distant eternity?
  • Is the earth eroding, or is it evolving?
  • Is global warming the beginning of the intense heat that will reduce our world to a hot rock spinning hopelessly through space?
  • Will evil finally triumph over good, leaving terrorism to ravage the righteous, rape the innocent, and pillage our children?
  • Will some maniac dictator finally push the button and blow us into obliteration?

The purpose of this book is to unearth the ancient mysteries that answer these questions and prepares the Church for a revolution that transforms every realm of society. God wants Heaven to invade Earth so that Earth will look like Heaven. God is reforming the Church, moving believers from denominationalism to apostolic families, where true spiritual leaders don’’t control people but empower people to find their God-given destiny.

Series: Bethel
Publisher: Regal Books / Gospel Light
Publication Year: 2010
Format: Paperback
Length: 224
ASIN: 0830756647
ISBN: 9780830756643

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