Living from the Unseen

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Living from the Unseen

Reflections from a Transformed Life

We are first and foremost a spirit living in a natural body - learning to see, hear and access the spirit realm and its principles. Learning to live life through the eyes of the spirit is transforming and freeing.

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About the Book

Living from the Unseen reveals that we can live life through the eyes of the spirit and with an awareness of the spiritual realities and principals that affect our everyday lives. This is a book that shares insights on how to obtain a transformed life through renewing the mind. Wendy’s journey, and these insights, are meant for those Christians who intuitively know there is more to “walking in the Spirit” than traditionally understood by the Church. This book will also help Christians who are tired, discouraged, hopeless or hungering for their destiny and identity to be fully developed and released. This book will help identify beliefs that block the reception of God’s blessings and hinder our ability to live out our destiny.
You will learn that:

  • Believing differently, not trying harder, is the key to change.
  • You cannot do what you don’t believe you are.
  • You can only receive what you think you are worth.
  • Rather than learning how to die – it is time to learn how to live.
Series: Bethel Daily
Genre: Revival
Publisher: Igniting Hope Ministries
ASIN: 0985477369
ISBN: 9780985477363
List Price: £7.99
eBook Price: £0.00
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