Partnership in the Gospel — Building Kingdom Together

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Partnership in the Gospel — Building Kingdom Together

Partnership in the Gospel is an invitation for us all to reflect upon and pray about our commitment.

Partners in the Gospel bring about change in their community both practically and spiritually. These precious saints are a great blessing to fellow believers and to their community.

Thank God for people in our past and present who have lived and are living faithful lives, that they have been and are vessels of honour that set before us a good example! May we too be such faithful people as we Partner in the Gospel.

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About the Book

The Philippians went after every bit of the Gospel with their whole heart. They supported Paul in his ministry to proclaim the Gospel. They were in partnership with him, they were sensitive to the leading of Holy Spirit to pray for him, and for his success in leading others to Christ Jesus. They supported him financially. This support of Paul was a sweet aroma, an acceptable sacrifice to the Lord. God supplied all their needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus (see Philippians 4:19). May we be such a sweet aroma (see 2 Corinthians 2:15).

What if we no longer attended our church? Apart from our very presence, which people would sadly miss, would there be anything that we contribute to the life of our church that is so unique, that if we were not there, not only would we be missed as an individual, but a ministry or a blessing would severely be missed and impoverish the church?

Let us consider how we can Partner in the Gospel in our church and in our community.

Series: Teaching
Genre: Revival
Publication Year: 2022
Format: Paperback
Length: 150
ISBN: 9798833266120
List Price: £7.00
eBook Price: £3.00
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About the Author
Revd. Clive Pooley

About the Author
Revd. Clive Pooley formerly taught Religious Studies in a secondary school, before undergoing theological training and becoming a pastor in East London for 15 years. For 12 years he was the senior pastor, leading the congregation into revival and seeing God’s goodness cascade through the members of the church and out into the ethnically diverse community.

As a result the congregation rapidly grew in confidence as they ministered to people outside the four walls of the church building, becoming church. As a result more and more people came alive in the Spirit of God. There was also an increased desire for holiness amongst church members especially as they sought to know God and His ways more fully.

His passion is for people to meet personally with Jesus, to experience the Father’s love and encounter the healing power of the Holy Spirit and so live transformed lives bringing change to their community. Clive continues to write and teach, and minister wherever and whenever.

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