Sukkot – Harvest

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Sukkot – Harvest

Discover the Biblical Roots of Harvest

Harvest Festivals first started in Cornwall in 1843, and the tradition today continues in many churches throughout the world. Christians are increasingly seeing the relevance of Tabernacles to their own Harvest celebrations. This book and the accompanying Keynote Presentation explores the link between Harvest and Sukkot also known as Tabernacles or Shelters.

About the Book

This book explores the Scriptural roots of the Harvest Festival and explains how it was celebrated in Biblical times and the Harvest Festival Yeshua (Jesus) would have known. The roots are found in the festival called Tabernacles or Sukkot, which is still celebrated by Jewish people today. Christians are increasingly seeing the relevance of Tabernacles to their own Harvest celebrations.

Series: Biblical Roots Series, Book 3
About the Author
Revd. Clive Pooley

About the Author
Revd. Clive Pooley formerly taught Religious Studies in a secondary school, before undergoing theological training and becoming a pastor in East London for 15 years. For 12 years he was the senior pastor, leading the congregation into revival and seeing God’s goodness cascade through the members of the church and out into the ethnically diverse community.

As a result the congregation rapidly grew in confidence as they ministered to people outside the four walls of the church building, becoming church. As a result more and more people came alive in the Spirit of God. There was also an increased desire for holiness amongst church members especially as they sought to know God and His ways more fully.

His passion is for people to meet personally with Jesus, to experience the Father’s love and encounter the healing power of the Holy Spirit and so live transformed lives bringing change to their community. Clive continues to write and teach, and minister wherever and whenever.

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