The Tabernacle; Talks 1-4

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The Tabernacle; Talks 1-4

Transcript of The Tabernacle; Talks 1-4

The Bible says that believers, God’s people, are the Temples of the Living God. So in a very real sense in this series we’ll be challenged to explore the Temple in which God has chosen to dwell.

About the Book

We know from Scripture that Moses was with God for 40 days up the Mountain. It was during this time God gave Moses detailed instructions on how to construct the Tabernacle in their time of journeys in the wilderness. Moses carefully noted and implemented God’s plans establishing the Court, the Holy Place and the Holy of Holies. The Bible refers to God’s instruction as the Pattern of the Tabernacle (see Exodus 25:9, 25:40; Numbers 8:4).

The New Covenant describes God’s people as as earthen vessels or jars of clay (see 2 Corinthians 4:7) who contain spiritual treasures.

So the goal of our exploration is to discover these Temple Treasures — for example, identifying our inheritance in Christ Jesus.



About the Author
Revd. Clive Pooley

Revd. Clive Pooley pastored in East London for 15 years, 12 years as the senior pastor, leading them into revival and seeing God’s goodness cascade through the members of the church and into the ethnically diverse community. The congregation rapidly grew in confidence as they ministered to people outside the four walls of the building, being church. Many more people came alive in the Spirit of God resulting in an increased desire for holiness amongst church members especially as they sought to know God and His ways more fully.

The Transcripts are Clive's talks in written form. Please feel free to use and adapt if you believe they would help your ministry.

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