1. About My Father’s Business

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1. About My Father’s Business

The Words of Jesus

Has anybody ever told you to Mind your own business? We’re usually told that, when we have our nose where it doesn’t belong! Well God is in a sense saying mind your own business … but in a positive way!

About the Book
Series: Words of Jesus, Book 1
Genre: Transcript
About the Author
Revd. Clive Pooley

Revd. Clive Pooley pastored in East London for 15 years, 12 years as the senior pastor, leading them into revival and seeing God’s goodness cascade through the members of the church and into the ethnically diverse community. The congregation rapidly grew in confidence as they ministered to people outside the four walls of the building, being church. Many more people came alive in the Spirit of God resulting in an increased desire for holiness amongst church members especially as they sought to know God and His ways more fully.

The Transcripts are Clive's talks in written form. Please feel free to use and adapt if you believe they would help your ministry.

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