You’re Crazy if You Don’t Talk to Yourself

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You’re Crazy if You Don’t Talk to Yourself

Jesus did not just think His way out of the wilderness and neither can we. He spoke truth to invisible beings and mindsets that sought to restrict and defeat Him.

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This book reveals that life and death are truly in the power of the tongue and emphasize the necessity of speaking truth to our souls. Our words really do set the course of our lives and the lives of others. (Proverbs 18:21)

  • The incredible power of words
  • How to overcome word curses
  • The necessity of talking to our soul
  • How words set the course of our life
  • How the “hearing of faith” is the key to the miraculous
  • The priority of speaking TO things, not just ABOUT
  • We can and must prophesy to others
Series: Bethel
Genre: Revival
ASIN: 061520970X
ISBN: 9780615209708

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