Kingdom Living

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All kingdoms have components necessary to function effectively, including the Kingdom of God, which has;

Health Programme


  • Do you regularly receive prayer?
  • If so, what transformation are you seeing in yourself?

Educational Programme

Teaching Ministry — understanding the Word of God.

  • Are you regularly connected with other believers?
  • Are you part of a Connect/Life Group?
  • How are you growing in your Faith?
  • What signs of maturity are you seeing and experiencing?

Fiscal System

  • Do you tithe? (give 10% to the church where you meet and are fed). Please note this is not about being legalistic.

Central Communication System

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

  • Do you recognize God’s gifting in you?
  • ​References for your study, meditation and response:
  • If you answered 'Yes' to recognising God's gifting, what gifts do you/others discern?
  • How are these Gifts being demonstrated?

Diplomatic Representation

Ambassadors of Christ

  • Have you ever laid hands on someone and prayed for healing outside the church building?
  • Have you ever led someone in accepting Christ?
  • Have you ever shared your testimony, ‘one to one’?
  • What experience do you have in ministering with the authority and power of the Holy Spirit?​


Ministry of the Holy Spirit

  • What specific interests/passions do you have that may serve your church fellowship/community?
  • Completing S.H.A.P.E. may help you.


  • A system of giving and receiving, times to sow and to reap.
  • Are you sowing into the Kingdom? If you answered ‘Yes’ above, where and what are you sowing?
  • Are you reaping?
  • If you answered ‘Yes’ above, where and what are you reaping?